Legovec queens

Legovec queens are queen bees from the mating station Legovec, located in the eastern part of the Republic of Macedonia, near the town of Probishtip, 490 m above sea level. The mating station was founded in 2002 with our beekeeping training and breeding center – Apicenter.

The presence of beehives of other beekeepers is regularly monitored within a radius of 5 km around the mating station. If such are noticed, these queen bees have to be of the best A, B, C, D lines, fertilized in Legovec. In mating station Legovec , there are 40 beehives with E and F line drones and queens.

Queen beess in this mating station are mated in non controlled environment, 70% of which are mated with E, F or combined line drones and 30% are mated with neighboring drones originating from the best A, B, C, D queen lines.

These queen bees are suitable for production of all bee products and before being delivered to the customer, they undergo series of rapid tests (quality of the nest and anatomical features).

Package: packed in transportation cage of 7-9 young bees, marked with plate (colored according to the year and appropriate number), pedigree, health certificate and instructions for adding and replacing.

Transportation: cages of queen bees are transported in special boxes with ventilation.


Price List for Type 1 Queen Bees - fertilized at Legovec station


Quantity: <100
18€ queen bee


Quantity: 100-200
17€ queen bee


Quantity: >200
16€ queen bee