Plavica queens

Plavica queens are queen bees of A,B,C,D line of Apis melifera macedonica, whose eggs are fertilized at the mating station PLAVICA. Located in the eastern part of Macedonia near the town Probishtip, at the base of Osogovo mountains, 950 m above sea level.  Before being declared an isolated mating station according to the standards for isolated mating places, two years were spent in research, testing and measuring.

The mating station is suitable for mating of queen bees; it resembles a bird’s nest and it is isolated from the winds. During mating, queen bees fly for a very short time interval and mating is fast. The location is rich in pollen and nectar and the collecting period is extended due to the difference in altitude, lush vegetation and diverse nature. This contributes the beehives to produce, not only genotypic, but phenotypic high quality drones as well.

This mating station includes 40 beehives with F line drones, derived from first-class queens, where the selection is performed according to BEEBOOK standards under the following parameters: temperament, productivity, disease resistance, development and swarming mood.

These queen bees are characterized by the following outstanding features:

• high productivity
• rapid development
• calm temperament
• law propensity to swarm
• good hibernation
• high hygienic behavior
• good adaptation
• compatibility
• good anatomical features

Queens bees of (A, B, C, D) line mated with F line drones are characterized by high quality, resistance and possess 80% of the above mentioned properties.

Before being delivered to the customer, they undergo many tests: quality of the nest, anatomical features, weight, temperament and other parameters.

Suitable for further breeding, production of honey, royal jelly and other bee products.

These queens are in limited number, so hurry up and order!

Package: packed in transportation cage of 7-9 young bees, marked with plate (colored according to the year and appropriate number), pedigree, health certificate, instructions for adding and replacing.

Transportation: cages with queen bees are transported in special boxes with ventilation.


Price List for Type 2 Queen Bees - fertilized at Plavica station


Quantity: <100
22€ queen bee


Quantity: 100-200
21€ queen bee


Quantity: >200
20€ queen bee